Thursday, September 20, 2007

5 Types of Body Shapes

* Water Retention Fat Type
Water retention fat is due topoor digestive system which cause our body to
retain excessive water.The body is wollen especially on the thighs,back and
abdomen.People of this category will have a feeling of fullness.Would you like
know whether you are the water retention type? You could do a little test .
Press your finger firmly onto the most fatty area on your thighs .If the
indentation requires a longer time to revert to normal ,then you are
catogerised as under the water retention type.

Recommended food :
Consume more food that hlep you to excrete water and promote urination such
as winter melon ,water melon ,cucumber,cabbage,honeydew,grapefruit,apple,
mung beans etc.

* Muscular Fat Type
Muscular body with firm muscles.Majority of them are young overweight
people who love to eat spicy food .They have a hearty appetite and consume
a lot of food.

Recommended food :
Cabbage,bitter gourd,pear and celery are good choices.It is a advisable to
choose a bland method of cooking.

* Lipid Fat Type
Body retains too much lipih.The male body retains more than 25% lipid while
the female body retains more than 30% lipid .The spleen and kidney are not
functioning properly .Body fats is loose and not firm.These people tend to have
smelly breath,easily tired and dislike exercises.

Recommended food :
Consume more food which are in fiber such as vegetables and fruits.Do try
control your daily intake of calories and eat less desserts and oliy food.

*Apple Shape Fat Type
Body fats are concentrater on certain areas .Generally,males fall into this
category.Their features include beer belly,no waistline,fleshy back with
thich waist etc.

Recommended food :
Avoid oily,high cholestorel food.Try to avoid cooking,by way of deep-frying
etc.Do not consume too mush seafood.Choose low cholesterol seafood such as
fish.Which also contain protein which is required by our body.

* Pear Shape Fat Type
Body fats are concentrated on certain areas.Generally females fall into this
category .Their features include protruding tummy ,thick thighs ,big bottom
,sagging bottom etc.

Recommended food :
Jasmine tea,rose tea,tangerine peel,radish,vinegar,win.

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